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What are the Different Types of Used Cars Available in the Market

Nowadays, many people have a question- what is the best used car to buy? This is because of so many used cars available in the market nowadays. Moreover, people have realized the value of used cars. Buying a used car gives you the advantage of utilizing all the features of a particular car at a lower price. Furthermore, internet has become a great place for buying used cars. People can now browse through a selection of cars from the comfort of their home. This method undoubtedly saves a lot of time, money and energy, as you do not have to pay visit to garages for buying used cars. But, before finding the answer to what is the best used car to buy, it is important to know the types of used cars that you can find.

What is the best used car to buy

Different types of car: What is the best used car to buy?

When it comes to types of used cars, the major factor which distinguishes them is their size. Then, it is the features and appearance which sets each type apart from the other. Whether you are looking for what is the best used car to buy under 3000 or if you are searching for what is the best used car to buy under 15000, you will be able to find different types. You should choose a type which best suits your needs.

  1. Small cars

Over the years, small cars have gained a lot of popularity and almost an equal competitor to the bigger cars. There are many small cars which are answers to what is the best used car to buy under 3000. So, if you are low on budget, you would probably be looking for a small used car. They are often budget friendly, and will suit you if you are looking for what is the best used car to buy under 5000. Another major benefit of small cars is that small cars are perfect for highly trafficked roads. Driving and parking these cars is as easy as it gets. Moreover, they have lower maintenance cost and low fuel consumption, thus further saving you money. So, what is the best used car to buy? Small car is the answer quite often.

  1. Hatchbacks

Hatchbacks also small cars which looks like a sedan whose but is cut off. Even though hatchback is short and has relatively less boot space, it does make up for it in other ways. Hatchbacks are perfect answer to what is the best used car to buy under 10000. However, if you are lucky enough, you would be able to find a deal, these might as well answer what is the best used car to buy under 6000. Since it has shorter wheel base than any other type of car, turnings are made easy. Furthermore, since it is very light, it tends to consume lesser fuel.

  1. Midsize cars

If you want to keep stuffs in your car, or if you want to accommodate more persons in your car, you will not be satisfied with compact cars. Then, you will have to go for midsize cars and look for what is the best used car to buy under 6000 or what is the best used car to buy under 10000. The best thing about midsize cars is that they cover up the disadvantage of both small and large cars. They are more spacious than small cars and more efficient than large cars.

  1. Hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are for those people who wish to save money on fuel expense. However, you are less likely to find used hybrid cars if you are looking for what is the best used car to buy under 4000. In fact, you might as well have to look for what is the best used car to buy under 15000. This extra investment shall be completely worth it. This is because it shall save you a lot of money and fuel in the future. Also, they are environment friendly. Hybrid cars are mostly the answer to what is the best used car to buy.

  1. Large Cars

If you have a large family, or if you carry a lot of cargo in your car, then looking for what is the best used car to buy under 4000 or what is the best used car to buy under 5000 will not do it for you. This is because you have to buy larger vehicles with larger space. The spacious interiors make it a favorite of many. To get cheap large used cars, you can try searching what is the best used car to buy under 12000.

  1. Sports Cars

Sports car are known for their high performance. If you are lucky, you can get hold of an entry level use sports cars by searching for what is the best used car to buy under 12000. The best features of sports cars include great power, high speeds and stylish looks. If you are looking for these features in a used car, a sports car is the answer to the question- what is the best used car to buy.

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Which Used Cars Should You Consider Buying

Over time, people have realized the importance of buying and utilizing used cars. This the reason why more and more people are looking to buy best cars to buy used. Speaking of which, one of the best way of finding used cars in searching online. This allows you to go through various used cars which are on sale without going through the hassle of visiting different garages. Moreover, it is a trusted way of buying used cars, so can completely relies on it.

best cars to buy used

What are the top and best cars to buy used in 2015

  1. 2013 Honda Fit

When you are looking best cars to buy used 2013, this car should certainly be considered. The 2013 Honda Fit is known for offering an impressive amount of space, not only for the passengers, but for the cargo as well. Nimble handing is yet another feature of this car. This fun to drive car features a four cylinder engine, which provides a good amount of power while driving in the city and on the highway.

  1. 2009 Scion TC

This car also makes its way to the list of best cars to buy used. This hip small car offers a lot of features. When compared to other cars in its class, it offers more standard features. This highly reliable car also features an impressive cargo space. Performance wise, this car is nimble and also offers good acceleration.

  1. 2010 Suzuki SX4

If you are looking to buy best cars to buy used under 10000, you can certainly not miss out on this one. It is among those few 2010 cars which is appealing to a diverse audience. It is one of the most versatile models in its class. However, loww fuel economy is its one drawback. Online, you can even find this car at just under $5000. If you do find one, it would certainly be the best cars to buy used under 5000.

  1. 2014 Ford Taurus

If you are someone who is looking to buy a used car but is not willing to go for too old cars, you can go for this particular car. With lots of features, this car is certainly one of the best cars to buy used 2014. This car is highly reliable and functional. There are many features offered by this car, making it amongst the best cars to buy used.

  1. 2004 Dodge Stratus

Someone who is extremely tight on budget while buying car would be looking for cars around the price 3000. Even at that price, it is possible to get reasonable cars, and this car is an example of that. You can grab this car online at just under $3000. You will get a lot of features at this price, thus making it best cars to buy used under 3000.

  1. 2013 Chevrolet Cruze

This car is one of the best 2013 used cars available in the market. It is well known for its attractive interior and smooth ride, which makes it one of the best cars to buy used. This car features a four cylinder engine which is mated to a six speed automatic transmission. There is also a turbocharged four cylinder engine which has a bit more torque than the base engine. Sufficient power is provided by the engine. With all these, this car is certainly amongst the best cars to buy used 2013.

  1. 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid

This car is one the most affordable midsize used cars available currently. This car offers impressive driving dynamics. The best feature of this car is its fantastic fuel economy rate. When it comes to price, you can find a used model under $15000. If you are looking for best cars to buy used under 15000, you cannot neglect this car.

  1. 2009 Kia Rio

The 2009 Kia Rio is an inexpensive used car that can be found online. It can even be found at just under $5000. So, if you are looking for best cars to buy used under 5000, you surely look at this particular car. It offers good comfort and a decent cargo space.

  1. 2012 Volkswagen Golf

With pricing of used cars starting at around $12000, the 2012 Volkswagen Golf is a great choice if you are searching for best cars to buy used under 15000. For people looking for small cars, this car is a formidable choice. Great engine and handling makes it one of the best cars to buy used.

  1. 2009 Hyundai Elantra

This car is one of the best compact car you can find. The best features include spacious interiors, great performance and low long-term ownership costs. To go with all the features, this car is highly reliable, making it a smart choice for people looking for best cars to buy used under 10000.

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Top 10 Best Used Car To Buy

If you are planning to buy a second hand car within 5000 and want to know about the availability of various models than you are at the right place. Here are various models that are available within 5000, $ 6000 and $ 15000 as well. This blog will provide you the knowledge of the car models and the prices tagged on it so that you are confident enough to buy the car of your choice according to your budget. The cars are described along with the model names and their highlighting features are also given.

Best Used Car To Buy

Best used car to buy within 5000

Lincoln Mark VIII, 1993-1998: this is a luxurious car that can fit your bill easily. This car provides a smooth and extremely comfortable ride. It remains in good condition for a very long period of time.

Mazda Miata, 1990-1997: this car is extremely pocketing friendly. It gives you more features than you desire for at this price. With a powerful steering wheel this car gives a firm ride. They remain in good condition for many years.

Ford Focus, 2002-2004: this car has been considered to best deal within 5000.  This car has been always loved by the consumers due to its attracting look, comfort and simple and various features. It also provides a good mileage.

Subaru Impreza Outback, 1998-2003: these cars are best for those who live in harsh and snowy winters. Due to its toughness on rough terrain and snow-covered ways, the Subaru cars are ideal for such weathers.

Honda CR-V, 2002: this SUV is very spacious. It may look small but it is designed in such a way that it can provide comfortable seats to a number of passengers and even has a good space for cargos as well. This car gives a good mileage, and can be easily found that to with a good condition.

Best used car to buy within $ 6000

Acura RSX, 2002-2006: this car has a strong features and gives good services for many years. Two types of engines were available in this car: one was 160-horsepower 4-cylinder whereas in Type-S models, a more muscular 200-hp 4-cylinder. It gives a good mileage and has good seat upholstery.

Chevrolet Silverado 1999-2006: it provides a variety in look as well as features. It is very good for travelling and is also commendable for carrying of cargos in a big amount.

Ford Explorer, 2002-2007: this is absolutely a family car. This car has commendable driving features, extremely comfortable seats and amazing appearance. This car is a very good deal to be done at $ 6000.

Saturn Aura, 2007-2009: if you are looking for a medium sized sedan with good features, than your search ends at Saturn Aura. It gives you a smooth ride and a good interior which provides a good comfort when you are travelling.

Scion xB, 2004-2006: this is car with reasonable price. It gives a good ride to the drivers and has simple features.  It is really good for those who want to give their hatchback an exclusive look.

Best used car to buy within $ 15000

Cadillac DTS, 2006-2011: it is a luxury sedan that offers some of the best features available for the cars. It provides smooth, comfortable ride over new technology and sports-car-like performance. There are some modern features also available in the car like Bluetooth, navigation, heated and cooled front seats.

Chrysler 300, 2005-2010: it is a luxurious car that will be extremely loved by your family members as well. The highlighting features of this car is that it can be a performance car, as the upscale 300C boasts a 359-hp 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and simultaneously it can be a family car as well, as the 300 comes with ample room for five passengers and their luggage.

Ford F-150, 2009-2014: though it is a bit tough to buy this model as a second hand one, but still one might get lucky enough to enjoy the luxurious facilities of this car. It has various features which gives an amazing ride to the driver and the passengers as well.

Hyundai Sonata, 2011-2013: this particular car comes in various appealing looks. It provides many facilities to the car owner or those who are travelling through it. Besides a luxurious ride it gives steering wheel audio controls, satellite radio, Bluetooth and an auxiliary jack for an MP3 player.

Infiniti G35/G37, 2007-2010: it is an amazing sport sedan or coupe. It offers the best performance and technology. Besides these, it is very reliable hence it has become one of the favourite cars. With good engine functions and longevity it is highly durable car for all.

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Know All About How To Buy Used Cars Under 1000

There are not many used cars under 1000 that are good for purchasing. But if you start thinking the other way round, that is, to find a car which is worthy of $1000, you can get used cars under 1000 for sale by owner  with little planning and perseverance. The first and foremost thing of such purchases is to stick to the principle of not spending a dime even after purchasing the car. And secondly to understand clearly in mind that this should treated as simple mode of transportation and nothing more than that.

Why to buy used Cars under 1000

If the purchased deal can be managed efficiently,  these cars are really good as these involve less insurance cost, less liability as the driver is never worried about scratches, and moreover, some drivers prefer such cars as they can do customization and renovation at their will without bothering for resale.

Tips for finding used Cars under 1000

Following the steps below one can get best used cars under 1000 for immediate purchase.

Tip1. Strategic Planning

The guiding principle of buying old used cars under 1000 is to find something in running condition and evaluating the chances of running the vehicle for at least another 6 to 12 months without and major repair. If successful, it is a cheaper option than making car payments every month and if luck helps who knows that you will not be able to sell it again and get some return.

Tip2. Keeping provisions

You must have provisions for at least another $1000 in the bank for securing the next car when the present used car ceases to run. This strategy runs better if you have bit more solvency of spending $2000 to $3000.

Tip 3. Checking ignition and emission

Even if it be one of the used trucks under 1000 for sale, it should start and run without much fuss. There should not be loud noises and large volume clouds of oil smoke coming out while running.

Tip 4. Check Tires

You should do a close inspection of the tiers for any uneven wear, because if you have to replace tiers after purchasing the car, it will simply add to your cost and in that case better to opt for high price level used cars for sale.

Tip 5. Check changing of gears

The car must shift to all gears including the reverse smoothly without out any locking in between. This is an absolute must as you are not investing on a showpiece.

Tip 6. Ensuring the safety aspects

There should not be any safety issues in the used Cars under 1000 chosen for acquiring. The car should not have any damaged axel, malfunctioning or brakes, leakage in exhaust, and missing airbags or seatbelts. Always keep in mind that you are not going invest on the car any further.

Tip 7. It should be insurable

There should not be any legal issues that made the car not eligible for insurance coverage. Further, the title should also be okay so that there is no problem in transferring the same in your name.

Tip 8. Look on the ground

There are no saints to give you their good cars under $1000. So you have to check everything before finalization. It pays dividends to look below the car for oil leakage or transmission leakage, since there is no point in inviting a headache.

Tip 9. Don’t go for cosmetics

For this price range of used cars under 1000 in NJ one should not expect to get a nice looking car always. You must go through the distance travelled. Remember that for these cars more mileage is indicative of better past performance and this is a good base for assessing the associated risks involved.

Tip 10. Take a test drive always.

“Test of pudding is always in eating”. This is a universal truth so whatever might be the results of your inspection you should always take a test drive to see its actual performance as it requires better mechanical and driving skills for handling such cars.

The Bottom line

When purchasing used cars under 1000 none should even think of fulfilling status or satisfying ego. If you start looking for a pride car at a price less than $1000, it would be miraculous if you can get it. So be practical and never mind the make, model and only focus to check if it can be run for a year or so without any major maintenance or repairing costs. In fact, the more mileage record is a boon for cars in this price levels. You should be able to assess its mechanical stability or must take help of a friendly technician to evaluate the risk involvement.  If you doubt a replacement of battery is needed,  do it first before the car stops at the edge. This will entail less cost.

These are the cars meant for driving and drive these continuously for best returns.

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Top 5 Used Cars Under 5000

You needn’t be skeptical about used cars under 5000. They are certified, pre-owned cars that are ploughed back into the market after rigorous inspection, revamping and renovation using new, reliable spare parts. Companies’ authorized dealers make such cars perfectly road-worthy, and support them with guarantee. Though old, they are best used cars under 5000, providing you a new -car feeling at old-car price. This is most handy when you decide to purchase a car at your affordable price for your personal use, for use by beginners, learners, children, or for short-term use under some exigency.

Even using this best used cars under 5000 dollars, you can hope to drive in comfort and style satisfying your dreams as the cars possess all the original features and facilities, the main difference possibly being that they are very antiquated or in lacklustre condition.

When it’s said they are used cars under 5000, it’s quite likely that they are old and repaired, given as old wine in new bottle. Also, several Agencies dealing with used cars under 5000 for sale are out there in the United States with thousands of such cars on display. Such cars include used Honda’s under 5000 and used Jeeps under 5000 also among other types.

Top 5 Used Cars Under 5000

10 Precautions for buying used cars under 5000:

You cannot jump over to make the purchase. You’ve to be extremely cautious in checking all the relevant points and then effect the purchase. After all, your aim is to purchase a well-maintained car in a good performing condition at a reasonable price.

  1. Consult consumer reports best used cars under 5000 and reviews: First do research on the internet about the model and the brand. The evaluation of rating agencies, customers’ reviews and website informations will be of great use.
  2. Having decided on the budget as “under 5000,” find out the EMI and the model, outside color and interior color of the car to your liking.
  3. You consult with an assessor and evaluate the value of the car by referring to the black or blue book on vehicles. Compare the price with other competitors and negotiate with the dealer with the help of a friend knowing about cars. Ascertain its reliability and repairs so that it does not pinch you over time.
  4. History book and service records: For knowing about accidents, damages, odometer alterations and the like refer to the history sheet by quoting the Vehicle’s VIN number. You can even cross-check them with the owner and dealer. Sort out any legal issues as well.
  5. Vehicle use: Knowing about the past owners tells you about the type of use of the car- light or constant use, depending upon their avocation. This again gives an idea about the extent of depreciation and about possible accidents. For instance, a doctor would have put it to only limited use, whereas, for a businessperson, the use could have been continuous causing heavy strain on the engine.
  6. Physical inspection: You inspect and check the proposed used cars under 5000 along with your mechanic-friend or used vehicle inspector regarding the items said to be attached, and confirm their availability and working condition. The general items requiring checking include Air conditioning, Air bag for driver, AM/FM radio, Power steering, Adjustable steering wheel, Power windows, Rear window defroster, wipers, Power locks, Anti-lock brakes, horn and brakes
  7. Mileage per gallon: This should be reasonably high. If the mileage is poor, avoid purchasing it. Fuel is costly and it will drain your purse before long. Miles per gallon normally expected is 17-53. If it goes below 17mpg, think of some other car. In this context, you also get confirmation whether the car is gasoline -run or actual gas- run. Gas- run vehicles cause more pollution.
  1. Engine and Transmission: Avoid buying cars with engine and transmission defects. Rusted cars and cars with accident history are equally not to be taken. Do test drive and have a feel of the car’s running, if necessary by driving and comparing similar models. And, also get to know the type of drive- 4-wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Repair costs on engine are huge and inviting such liabilities will be suicidal.
  2. Vehicle documents: These speak about Engine number, type, ownerships, date of purchase, model, insurance, tax payments and mortgages if any. Knowing them is very basic and important. Don’t forget to get guarantee for the car’s condition along with free services. Though small, they are savings coming to your purse. Any pending dues on insurance, tax and mortgage on date are to be got settled without any carry-over to you.
  1. Mileage run with respect to the purchase date gives an idea of the vehicle’s wear and tear. This helps you take a decision on the car’s price.

When you decide buying used cars under 5000 dollars, make sure you complete all the paper formalities too in the same breath. For some, it may be a “dream come true” to possess a car at such a low cost.