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Top 5 Best Used Cars Under 15000

Used cars are certified pre-owned cars that come again to the market after rigorous testing, repairing and renovation with guarantee from the brand’s representatives. In other words, you get from this new-car satisfaction at old -car price. They are most reliable used cars. For those who want to possess large sized cars at affordable prices, at the same time driving in style and parading in luxury, performance and mileage, going in for best used cars under 15000 is a prudent proposition.

Before making the buy of such a used car, you’ve to be doubly wary about the following key points. Its likely repair and maintenance cost and other recurring expenses are to be studied. Its model, miles run, history, outstanding loan, payment of insurance and taxes are to be verified for their updated position. Rating Agencies’ assessements, best used cars under 15000 consumer reports and consultation with friends and relatives will also help you draw an informed decision. If selection is defective, the car may fail you midway in your trips making it more of a nuisance and liability than of pleasure and convenience. Some top 5 large sized cars are listed here for your ready reference.

Top 5 best used cars under 15000:

1. Toyota RAV 4:

best used cars under 15000

When you think of cars, think of Toyota. It never fails including in the used cars. The car has safety features and attractive fuel-economy with “better than most” rating for its dependability. Its only downside is the durability of its interior features. RAV4’s powertrain is rated as superior to other brands of this size. 2008 RAV 4 has 269 Horsepower V6 or a 166 Horsepower 4-cylinder, both coming in automatic transmission, either with front wheel drive or four-wheel drive option.

This is a best used car to buy for your convenience.

2. 2010 Hyundai Azera Price $12,706-$14,248 as against the original MSRP $24,970-$29,570.


Its mileage per gallon is 18City/ 26Hwy.

Its features:

The car has large spacious and comfy interior having good number of standard features, solid fit and finish. Its satisfactory overall performance gives you peace of mind causing less expenses.

Well-tuned suspensors, large trunk space with big opening providing easy handling, and the controls in panels are easy to follow and operate. The base has a power driver seat, cloth seats, dual zone climate control, satellite radio and a 6-speaker CD Stereo. Optional items include leather seats, navigation, sunroof, driver-seat memory, 10-speaker infinity Stereo System with a USB port and a rear sunshade.

Some downsides are: No spirited handling; lack of stylish works inside and out; ride is too heavy for some; and safety features are not satisfactory. With an overall rank of 8.6/10, it’s ranked No:3 in Used Large Cars under $15K. Still, it’s one of the best used cars under $15000 luxury.

3. 2010 Chevrolet Impala: Average price is $10,133-$12,714 giving miles per gallon @10 City /29 Hwy. The original MSRP is $24,290-$29930.


This is known for its reliability and safety features. The usual spacious interior, smooth ride, and its spectacular high fuel efficiency make Impala a good choice. Its control panel is super enabling easy operation. But its interior materials lack sophistication in look.

The standard provisions are power driver seat, cloth seats, 6-speaker audio system, OnStar, auxiliary input jack, satellite radio, stereo, dual-zone climate control, heaters for seats, remote engine start, leather upholstery, power sunroof and Bluetooth. The front has bucket seats with a center console using which its seating capacity can be increased. While its safety rating is 9.2, the overall ranking is 7.6.

4. 2009 Kia Amanti:  Average Price is $11,234, against its original MSRP of $26,045.Miles per gallon is 17 City/24 Hwy.  Marked by comfortable interior and too-many positive features, this pre-owned car has very high safety level with 9.7 rating, though its overall rating is 7.6. It has smooth engine, powertrain and transmission, comfortable seating (4 adults) and driving techniques. Other  provisions include an eight-way power driver’s seat, an 8-speaker stereo with a USB port, and a dual-zone automatic climate control.


5. 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis: Average price is $11,893 as against its original MRSP $29,525. Its miles per gallon is 16 City/24Hwy.


Its main features:

Its strong standard V8 engine is highly efficient giving reliable performance without any glitz.

More cargo space enables more luggages to be stacked.Durable construction is an asset ensuring robustness and safety of the travellers. Solid reliability is its main plus giving better performance free of breakdowns. Highway drive is more economical and fast, and this makes your commute less expensive. It has more leg moving space which means more comfort for your movements. Spacious interior with superior look and quality presents a pleasant environ.

Soft, comfortable seats and a front bench which helps add seats up to six.

The measurements are perfect and the controls easy. This reduces strain in the driving.

It has fog lights, automatic climate control, CD/Cassette stereo, a power-driver seat standard, leather upholstery, power-adjustable pedals, and heated front seats. With a high safety score of 9.2, its overall rating is 6.7.

Best used cars under 15000 give real worth for money, and asset and convenience for your family.