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Top 10 Best Used Car To Buy

If you are planning to buy a second hand car within 5000 and want to know about the availability of various models than you are at the right place. Here are various models that are available within 5000, $ 6000 and $ 15000 as well. This blog will provide you the knowledge of the car models and the prices tagged on it so that you are confident enough to buy the car of your choice according to your budget. The cars are described along with the model names and their highlighting features are also given.

Best Used Car To Buy

Best used car to buy within 5000

Lincoln Mark VIII, 1993-1998: this is a luxurious car that can fit your bill easily. This car provides a smooth and extremely comfortable ride. It remains in good condition for a very long period of time.

Mazda Miata, 1990-1997: this car is extremely pocketing friendly. It gives you more features than you desire for at this price. With a powerful steering wheel this car gives a firm ride. They remain in good condition for many years.

Ford Focus, 2002-2004: this car has been considered to best deal within 5000.  This car has been always loved by the consumers due to its attracting look, comfort and simple and various features. It also provides a good mileage.

Subaru Impreza Outback, 1998-2003: these cars are best for those who live in harsh and snowy winters. Due to its toughness on rough terrain and snow-covered ways, the Subaru cars are ideal for such weathers.

Honda CR-V, 2002: this SUV is very spacious. It may look small but it is designed in such a way that it can provide comfortable seats to a number of passengers and even has a good space for cargos as well. This car gives a good mileage, and can be easily found that to with a good condition.

Best used car to buy within $ 6000

Acura RSX, 2002-2006: this car has a strong features and gives good services for many years. Two types of engines were available in this car: one was 160-horsepower 4-cylinder whereas in Type-S models, a more muscular 200-hp 4-cylinder. It gives a good mileage and has good seat upholstery.

Chevrolet Silverado 1999-2006: it provides a variety in look as well as features. It is very good for travelling and is also commendable for carrying of cargos in a big amount.

Ford Explorer, 2002-2007: this is absolutely a family car. This car has commendable driving features, extremely comfortable seats and amazing appearance. This car is a very good deal to be done at $ 6000.

Saturn Aura, 2007-2009: if you are looking for a medium sized sedan with good features, than your search ends at Saturn Aura. It gives you a smooth ride and a good interior which provides a good comfort when you are travelling.

Scion xB, 2004-2006: this is car with reasonable price. It gives a good ride to the drivers and has simple features.  It is really good for those who want to give their hatchback an exclusive look.

Best used car to buy within $ 15000

Cadillac DTS, 2006-2011: it is a luxury sedan that offers some of the best features available for the cars. It provides smooth, comfortable ride over new technology and sports-car-like performance. There are some modern features also available in the car like Bluetooth, navigation, heated and cooled front seats.

Chrysler 300, 2005-2010: it is a luxurious car that will be extremely loved by your family members as well. The highlighting features of this car is that it can be a performance car, as the upscale 300C boasts a 359-hp 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and simultaneously it can be a family car as well, as the 300 comes with ample room for five passengers and their luggage.

Ford F-150, 2009-2014: though it is a bit tough to buy this model as a second hand one, but still one might get lucky enough to enjoy the luxurious facilities of this car. It has various features which gives an amazing ride to the driver and the passengers as well.

Hyundai Sonata, 2011-2013: this particular car comes in various appealing looks. It provides many facilities to the car owner or those who are travelling through it. Besides a luxurious ride it gives steering wheel audio controls, satellite radio, Bluetooth and an auxiliary jack for an MP3 player.

Infiniti G35/G37, 2007-2010: it is an amazing sport sedan or coupe. It offers the best performance and technology. Besides these, it is very reliable hence it has become one of the favourite cars. With good engine functions and longevity it is highly durable car for all.

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