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Most reliable used cars under 3000

It is very difficult to find a used car that is affordable and at the same time is in good condition. Hence one has to be very careful while buying a used car or those cars which are put on sale. There are many dos and don’ts while you want to but the used cars either directly from the owner or from any sale. Now if the car is within $3000, it really gets tough to own a good conditioned car.

Geo/Chevrolet Prizm 1993: these are the models of Toyota Corolla. This model was launched in the year 1993 and continued till 1998. This car is now rarely seen and available. Since this car model is quite old it does need some minor repairing and changes. So if you are planning to buy one make sure you have some extra money in your pocket to get the changes done according to the current features.

Toyota Corolla 1993: Toyota Corolla launched in 1993 is a good car. It is small but is reliable and quite comfortable. Though this also needs some modification but it is good to run and quite simple to understand. If this model is available within 3K, it is very good deal to seal. But do check out that the engine and transmission is good in shape.

Honda Civic 1996-2001: this is very common and most loved car owned by many people. With minimal care it can last for a long time. But remember if the car engine gets too hot than avoid buying it, because the condition of the car is not too good to spend $3000 over it. The 2000 Honda Civic with an automatic transmission is rated at 24/32 MPG.

Mazda Protégé 1995-2003: this is a simple compact car which gives a firm ride to the driver as well as people travelling through it. In 1995-1998 this car was in the market with either a 1.5L (DX, LX) or 1.8L (ES) engine whereas 1.5L models are better on gas. This particular model has been liked by many of the consumers and they have considered it to be a good to seal. The 1995 1.5L Protégé auto is rated at 23/32 MPG. The 2001 1.6L Protégé automatic gets 23/30 MPG.

Toyota Tercel 1995-1998: this car model of Toyota is available as sedan or coupe. This Toyota car gives a good and comfortable ride. Since this is a bit old model hence it needs minor investment to add good features to this peppy car. This car is really good who do not want to invest more but wish to have a car with comfortable features. This car is one of the most fuel efficient cars available at this price. The 1998 Tercel with an automatic transmission is rated at 26/34 MPG.

Used cars under 2000

Dodge Grand Caravan 2003: the Caravan car is a luxurious car. It is being loved by all consumers and is amazing for their family trips. It gives a mileage of 252500 miles and has 6 cylinder engine and is drive train FWD.

Chrysler Town & Country 1999: the price of this car varies from $ 1500 to $ 2000 depending upon the condition that it is in. It gives a mileage of 209000 miles. It comes in some of bright and elegant colours. Along with its look it has comfortable seats.

Pontiac Grand Am SE 1999: this medium sized car is best for family. It is quite spacious for a family to have a comfortable ride. It has various appealing features like well performing FWD drive train and a powerful steering wheel. Since steering wheel is one of the most important criteria for a good drive, this particular car models lets you enjoy the same.

Ford Econoline E-150 1996: the price of this wonderful car varies from minimum of $ 1500 to a maximum price of $ 2000. It comes with mileage of 29730 miles and drive train RWD. Along with its outlook and design it is most preferable by families.

Nissan Quest GXE 1995: these cars are available in between $ 1700 to $ 2000 depending on the condition. People who love long rides and enjoy travelling should definitely go for this particular car. According to its look and features it is really affordable at this price. The fuel consumption of this car is pretty good. It has 6 cylinder engine and is able to generate about 150 horse power.

Buick LeSabre Custom 1993: this car is perfect for those who frequently go for family holiday or ride or shopping. This car is also good for school going children. This car is very fuel efficient and an amazing car that has reliable custom facilities and powerful wheels.

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