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Top 5 Used Cars Under 5000

You needn’t be skeptical about used cars under 5000. They are certified, pre-owned cars that are ploughed back into the market after rigorous inspection, revamping and renovation using new, reliable spare parts. Companies’ authorized dealers make such cars perfectly road-worthy, and support them with guarantee. Though old, they are best used cars under 5000, providing you a new -car feeling at old-car price. This is most handy when you decide to purchase a car at your affordable price for your personal use, for use by beginners, learners, children, or for short-term use under some exigency.

Even using this best used cars under 5000 dollars, you can hope to drive in comfort and style satisfying your dreams as the cars possess all the original features and facilities, the main difference possibly being that they are very antiquated or in lacklustre condition.

When it’s said they are used cars under 5000, it’s quite likely that they are old and repaired, given as old wine in new bottle. Also, several Agencies dealing with used cars under 5000 for sale are out there in the United States with thousands of such cars on display. Such cars include used Honda’s under 5000 and used Jeeps under 5000 also among other types.

Top 5 Used Cars Under 5000

10 Precautions for buying used cars under 5000:

You cannot jump over to make the purchase. You’ve to be extremely cautious in checking all the relevant points and then effect the purchase. After all, your aim is to purchase a well-maintained car in a good performing condition at a reasonable price.

  1. Consult consumer reports best used cars under 5000 and reviews: First do research on the internet about the model and the brand. The evaluation of rating agencies, customers’ reviews and website informations will be of great use.
  2. Having decided on the budget as “under 5000,” find out the EMI and the model, outside color and interior color of the car to your liking.
  3. You consult with an assessor and evaluate the value of the car by referring to the black or blue book on vehicles. Compare the price with other competitors and negotiate with the dealer with the help of a friend knowing about cars. Ascertain its reliability and repairs so that it does not pinch you over time.
  4. History book and service records: For knowing about accidents, damages, odometer alterations and the like refer to the history sheet by quoting the Vehicle’s VIN number. You can even cross-check them with the owner and dealer. Sort out any legal issues as well.
  5. Vehicle use: Knowing about the past owners tells you about the type of use of the car- light or constant use, depending upon their avocation. This again gives an idea about the extent of depreciation and about possible accidents. For instance, a doctor would have put it to only limited use, whereas, for a businessperson, the use could have been continuous causing heavy strain on the engine.
  6. Physical inspection: You inspect and check the proposed used cars under 5000 along with your mechanic-friend or used vehicle inspector regarding the items said to be attached, and confirm their availability and working condition. The general items requiring checking include Air conditioning, Air bag for driver, AM/FM radio, Power steering, Adjustable steering wheel, Power windows, Rear window defroster, wipers, Power locks, Anti-lock brakes, horn and brakes
  7. Mileage per gallon: This should be reasonably high. If the mileage is poor, avoid purchasing it. Fuel is costly and it will drain your purse before long. Miles per gallon normally expected is 17-53. If it goes below 17mpg, think of some other car. In this context, you also get confirmation whether the car is gasoline -run or actual gas- run. Gas- run vehicles cause more pollution.
  1. Engine and Transmission: Avoid buying cars with engine and transmission defects. Rusted cars and cars with accident history are equally not to be taken. Do test drive and have a feel of the car’s running, if necessary by driving and comparing similar models. And, also get to know the type of drive- 4-wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Repair costs on engine are huge and inviting such liabilities will be suicidal.
  2. Vehicle documents: These speak about Engine number, type, ownerships, date of purchase, model, insurance, tax payments and mortgages if any. Knowing them is very basic and important. Don’t forget to get guarantee for the car’s condition along with free services. Though small, they are savings coming to your purse. Any pending dues on insurance, tax and mortgage on date are to be got settled without any carry-over to you.
  1. Mileage run with respect to the purchase date gives an idea of the vehicle’s wear and tear. This helps you take a decision on the car’s price.

When you decide buying used cars under 5000 dollars, make sure you complete all the paper formalities too in the same breath. For some, it may be a “dream come true” to possess a car at such a low cost.

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